Virtual Enterprise Solutions

911helpline Value Delivery Model - What you can expect from 911helpline's Professional Services Organization

911helpline designed its deployment lifecycle around one simple goal: Helping you to drive value through virtualization of services.

911Helpline is a leading provider of solutions for automating and supporting best practices across the enterprise, from powerful modeling of business processes and enterprise architectures to requirements-driven development of advanced systems  Our solutions enable organizations to align product, systems and software development lifecycles with business objectives and customer needs to dramatically improve quality and predictability, while significantly reducing time-to-market and overall costs.

We help lines of business achieve their enterprise architecture goals through effective virtual eservice offerings. And we help you, the project owner, optimize your environment.

Delivering this level of value requires an absolute command of the processes that drive enterprise architecture from initial planning and goal setting, to  development and deployment.  And for the augmentation of your entire process so that it can be value added services can assessed as a whole, and simply target the areas that can be improved.

Our development lifecycle is comprehensive and deep. Our Professional Services Organization is comprised of seasoned professionals, with hundreds of implementations under their belts. We invite you to leverage their expertise.

The Six Stages of the 911helpline Deployment Life Cycle

Stage 1: Strategy and Planning
This phase involves technical validation; sets goals for your enterprise; determines requirements for your project; reviews the processes and rules for identifying your tactics, and an examination of deployment approach. 911helpline provides detailed documentation, lifecycle managment, best practices and guidelines to facilitate your strategy and planning.

Stage 2:=Kickoff
This phase ensures that realistic goals have been set for your project. It involves validation of crucial elements such as enterprise performance and process performance metrics, goals, your timeline, milestones, rules and plans for capacity. The output of this phase is a detailed roadmap for success, including a design requirements document and a master project plan.

Phase 3: Design
This phase consists of development, testing and deployment of the virtual environment with your enterprise. 911helpline delivers comprehensive deployment instructions and provides full support for your project team as they implement. We'll also support you in all stages of testing and Quality and Production and Operations.

Phase 4: Training and Launch
This phase focuses on training your administrators, supervisors and IT staff how to leverage the new resources which drives performance improvement.

Phase 5: Proof of Concept Optimization
During this phase 911helpline will help you to analyze the performance of your virtual environment, and identify areas for improvement. We'll provide a performance scorecard that provides enterprise customer satisfaction metrics from the 911helpline Reporting Engine. Action plans are developed around the key performance levels, based on our collection of industry best practices.

Phase 6: Maintenance
911helpline will support you in the ongoing maintenance of your enterprise to ensure it delivers the results you need and anticipated. The maintenance program offers five major activities:

  • General account management
  • Augmented eServices review
  • Training and coaching programs
  • Strategy and performance reviews
  • Customized  rate optimization



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