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Newport Beach Internet Startup launches world’s first live online technical support site, staffed by consultants working at home.
Newport Beach, CA - July 17, 1999 - 2ndJob.com launches its unique high tech support web site with a pilot program giving free support via the internet at http://www.2ndjob.com The 2ndjob.com service uses the latest in internet technology to provide online high-technology support services 24/7 to corporate, small-mid sized business and end users, in 14 languages. 2ndjob.com representatives working from home around the world provide the service.
Neal Flaxman, the founder conceived the idea from personal need, as a single parent of 3 children. Partners in this venture include Vic Wedel II, a disables web developer and Michael Kang, an 18-year-old minority student and Web developer attending UC Berkley.
Clients range from Corporations needing to outsource helpdesk, network and programming services, to end users seeking simple answers to application questions. Technicians working from home provide support around the clock, in many languages. Any calls they are unable to handle are passed to other agents in the system, for a referral fee. After the client has used their services, they are graded and posted to the technician’s profile for future clients to see.
2ndJob.com empowers IT professionals to fully use their valuable, often hard to find skills working from home, office or on the road. Users of 2ndJob.com will find flexibility and growth potential like no other opportunity available today. Helping to fill the gap between employer’s needs and the available talent pool, 2ndJob.com is a win-win opportunity for both IT technicians, Corporate and End-user clients seeking instant answers to technical questions. Using the Internet and push technology, 2ndJob.com links the technician and customer online. 2ndJob.com support resources have the ability to send all kinds of text, graphics, and knowledge-based documentation instantly to the customer. Neal Flaxman, 2ndJob.com founder states, “There is currently a huge need for instant answers to technical questions. Using the Internet, supported by our unique management system allows us to provide support resources faster than any program that we have seen.”
2ndjob.com, strives to make getting answers to technical computer questions instant, inexpensive and easy. By using this advanced online support system, 2ndjob.com is on the cutting edge of technology.
2ndjob.com strives to provide top quality services into the next millennium. For additional information on 2ndjob.com or the products that they offer visit their Web site at http://www.2ndjob.com or call (949) 574-2754.