Who works are 2ndjob.com?

Any person who works temporary jobs as an independent contractor or freelancer.

Do you desire to have freedoms that most full-timers only dream of: setting their own hours, working from home, being their own bosses?

Then 2ndjob.com is for you, to go where no job has gone before!

2ndjob.com Inc. offers the most customized, highest quality support
services for organizations seeking highly specialized helpdesk outsourcing. 
Where no job has gone before

2ndjob.com is designed to take advantage of the large number of technical contractors and employees around the world who want to capitalize there spare time and increase their marketability via the internet. The site holds a lot of appeal in that it focuses on this unique group.

At the Core 2ndjob.com has a database (see attached) the captures the technicians skill categories and subcategories and allows each to have a different rating. Via a feedback system, each classification is distinct so that users of the techs services can locate the technician with the highest skill set in a particular skill set. This process achieves two goals, one in increases the tech loyalty to the 2ndjob.com website by retain his profile and allowing clients to view the responses and increasing his motivation by trying to attain the highest level in a specific field. In addition it provides a means to which users have a higher level of confidence in using the services of the e-assistant. As well it provides a channel to those without work experience to earn credentials while retaining their regular day job.

Because the application (NetAgent) captures a session ID and transcript of each session the feedback can be traced to a specific technical support call, and the transcript reviewed so that abuse of the system would be impossible.

The original intent of 2ndjob.com system was to create a channel where less experienced users could find a "mentor" within the system to whom they could turn when question arose that they could not handle. Either via means of the internal instant messaging or by escalation of the call, while watching the resolution a learning process is established. In response to this mentoring service a portion of the "fee" would be paid to the agents sponsor in the system creating a motivation that would increase with each additional person they oversee. Becoming a team leader, in an online virtual environment. (npowered)

In addition to the live resource of the sponsor, the unified customer history is available as a database of all sessions that have transpired, which can be searched and reviewed for resolution. As well a list of frequently visited pages, frequently used sayings and scripts to respond to the most common questions is available to the technician via a click of the mouse.

The combination of the monetary rewards and the feedback from the clients will motivate a new era of skilled mobile workers, to boldly go where no job has gone before.

In order for a person to placed as a e-assistant it is required that they first go through our training and certification process. (2knowIT.com) This takes place via the Netagent application and is done as a fee based service or via the tech's sponsor. Since the sponsors grading is a reflection of them mentors it is expedient of them to ensure that the tech is well trained and supported. Through this means the system maintains checks and balances that ensure that qualified technicians are rewarded and those not qualified will be removed from the system without the burden of staffing overhead. (See diagram below)